Employer FAQ

Q:  Who is the employer of my temporary teammate?

A:  For all purposes, TempForce is the employer of record of our temporary teammates.

Q:  How much will it cost?

A:  Hourly bill rates are determined by job duties and workers' compensation classification.  Please contact our office for rates based upon your specific staffing needs.

Q:  Who provides Workers' Compensation insurance coverage?

A:  As employer of record,  TempForce provides workers' compensation coverage for all of our temporary teammates.

Q:  Who pays the mandatory payroll taxes?

A:  TempForce guarantees to withhold and pay local, state and federal taxes as well as all unemployment insurance taxes.  We guarantee to make all Social Security deductions and pay all employer contributions.  We also maintain all payroll records.

Q:  Do you have a guarantee?

A:  Yes!  In the event that any of our teammates are unsatisfactory, for reason of skill, work, or demeanor, and we are notified within four (4) hours after the start of the assignment, you will not be charged for the work performed during those four (4) hours.

Q:  How do I report the hours that my temporary associate has worked?

A:  TempForce supplies each teammate with a time slip to record his hours.  It is your responsibility to sign the weekly time slip for time verification.  For large groups of temporary teammates, please call our office to discuss group time sheeting procedures.

Q:  Must I guarantee my temporary teammate 40 hours per week?

A:  No, flexibility is the keystone of temporary staffing.  You may use your TempForce teammate for as long as you need them, regardless of what you originally ordered.  You are only charged for time actually worked, not time scheduled.  There is a four (4) hour per day minimum.

Q:  When and how do I get billed?

A:  You will receive a weekly email notifying you when your TempForce invoice is available to view.  Our eBilling system provides one-stop access to all your online invoicing needs.  You can also view account balances, payment and open invoice history and on demand reporting. 

Q:  What are your payment terms?

A:  Net 15 days from our weekly invoice date.

Q:  What is minimum wage?

A:  Presently, the federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour.

Q:  How do your temporary teammates get paid?

A:  We pay our teammates weekly utilizing electronic pay.   Earnings can be directly deposited into our teammate's bank account or placed onto a MoneyNetwork PayCard. 

Q:  Do you offer benefits to your temporary teammates?

A:   Yes we do!  A choice of two different PPO Health Insurance plans are available to our employees upon hire with TempForce which includes medical, vision, dental, term life and short term disability insurance options for themselves or their entire family.  Accumulating specified hours on our payroll qualifies teammates for 6 paid holidays per year as well.

Q:  How do you ensure I-9 compliance?

A:  TempForce uses the best means available to determine employment eligibility and social security number validity - the E-Verify program!  Operated jointly by the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration, this online system compares each of our teammates I-9 forms against the SSA and DHS databases.

Q:  What do I do if I'm not satisfied with the temporary teammate who is assigned to work at my company?

A:  Do not hesitate to inform us if tardiness, absenteeism, unsatisfactory conduct or inadequate job performance surfaces during an employee's assignment.  TempForce will deal directly with the teammate in reconciling whatever problems may arise.  We'll also make sure you have a satisfactory replacement if needed.

Q:  Can I hire my temporary teammate permanently?

Absolutely!  If you are interested in hiring your temporary teammate permanently, you may do so at no charge after they have completed 480 hours with your company or you may opt to pay a severance charge for early hire.

Q:  Does TempForce do professional or permanent placements?

A:  Yes - let us use our proven methods of screening and qualifying candidates for you!  Through personal interviews, aptitude and skills assessments and reference checks we'll refer only the best candidates for your position thus reducing your staff time to weed through mounds of unqualified candidates.  By letting us do what we do best, you'll have more time to do what you do best...run your business!