As a member of our team your benefits include:

    • HEALTH BENEFIT PLAN- Employees and their dependents may be eligible to enroll in our Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant major medical insurance plan.  Eligibility is determined by employment status.
    • HOLIDAY PAY- 6 paid holidays per year for employees meeting the hours requirement.
    • WEEKLY PAY- TempForce pays electronically every Friday without a waiting week. Earnings can be directly deposited into your checking or savings account or placed onto a Money Network PayCard.
    • SELF SERVICE- Through our self service website, you have the control to set up direct deposit, change W2 information, print previous pay history and more!  Log on to or call the shared service center (1-877-601-7453) and have your employee ID number available.
    • TAB (Team Advantage Banking)- Because we're interested in providing you with the best range of services, we have partnered with Fulton Bank, Wells Fargo Bank and Member 1st Federal Credit Union.  As a member of our team, you are eligible to receive special packages of discounted financial services which are usually unavailable to the general public and many of the services are free! 
  • BONUS BUCKS- Maintain perfect attendance while on assignment with some of our select customers and earn TempForce Bonus Bucks.  This reward can be collected and used for paid time off, Wal*Mart or Giant Gift Cards, logo'd TempForce merchandise and more!
  • ROAD TO SUCCESS- Receive personal and career development assistance as you navigate the employment road which will lead you along your personal road to success.  Our philosophy is that each of our teammates will leave us with more than just a paycheck.
  • RESUME CRITIQUE- Free review of your resume by a member of our seasoned human resource staff.  We'll offer pertinent suggestions to improve lay-out, content and wording to help you execute a powerful paper impression!